Announcement from Gratis Recruitment – November 2016

Announcement from Gratis Recruitment – November 2016

Gratis Recruitment is supported through WorkReady to supply South Australian aged care providers the following candidates:

  • Care Workers/Domestic Workers – Community & Residential
  • Hospitality Workers

This funding model allows us to source, shortlist and deliver our pre-employment program to candidates seeking work in these sectors.


  How does this work? Just click on each step to find out more!

STEP 1. 

Gratis will shortlist candidates according to the job requirements and present the candidates to you for selection and interview.

‘Jobs First Employment Project eligibility and subsidy criteria apply’


Gratis will arrange interview times on behalf of the organisation.


Functional Capacity Tests are then completed at this stage if applicable and Reference checks.

This is undertaken by the employer. 


Successful candidates are sent invitations to commence “Bridging the Gap in Aged Care” pre-employment non-accredited training


Gratis advises Candidates of employment start dates

“Bridging the Gap in Aged Care” ensures all workers are trained in the following area before commencement.

Click below on each of the subjects to see why we have chosen them.

Communication & customer service ADL’s WH&S (including chemical safety & waste disposal) Food Safety Infection Control Standards Documentation relevant to their roles  Dementia awareness Manual Handling Bed making Assisting with meals

Communication & customer service

Good customer service is what sets providers apart in the Aged Care services and provides organisations with a strong competitive advantage.


Practice makes perfect! Ensuring your staff have the up to date current skills on how to attend to your clients personal needs such as bathing, oral hygiene, dressing and grooming is paramount in giving your staff and your organisation the professional competent look when attending to clients.

WH&S (including chemical safety & waste disposal)

All aspects of WH&S are a requirement of the Aged Care Accreditation standards. This  training ensures your staff come with current up to date mandatory training requirements.

Food Safety

Food safety is an annual mandatory requirement for all hospitality staff. Our workshop ensures Personal care workers receive this training also. During the practical side of this workshop, workers are shown how to lay tables, food delivery etiquette and understanding the language of the diet register.

Infection Control Standards

In addition to being a mandatory requirement, our workshop on infection control  addresses additional precautions and a practical session on hand washing. Your future workers will come with a thorough understanding on preventing transmission within a residential aged care facility and in the home.

Documentation relevant to their roles 

BTG addresses the importance of documentation to assist workers in their roles of care plans, policy and procedures, incident forms, complaint forms, diet registers to name a few.

Dementia awareness

During this workshop, we emphasize the importance of recognizing the behaviours (actions) of clients with dementia. Looking for causes of actions will assist workers in the management of clients with particular actions. 

Manual Handling

Manual Handling is a mandatory requirement within the Aged Care services. Ensuring workers have the current skills to assist clients and their peers can/should reduce any potential incidents due to poor manual handling practices.

Bed making

Not all clients can let their carers know how to make their bed. Some facilities may have their own particular way to make beds. We give the basic understanding of why beds are made in a particular way, different types of linen i.e. quilt or blanket.

Assisting with meals

Dysphagia and weight loss are a major concern in residential and community services. This workshop has practical session where the workers  assist with meals.

Gratis Aged Care Recruitment is committed to Aged Care Providers and with the support from the State Government, we will work together to help “Bridge the Gap” in skill shortages across Aged Care.


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