About Gratis

About Gratis

Our Story

From the beginning, Gratis Recruitment is committed to providing for those in the Aged Care Sector. We recognised that Aged Care Providers needed that competitive edge when delivering the array of services to their clients and or residents. We acknowledged the demanding and potentially frustrating recruitment activities is both time consuming and extremely competitive. Gratis Recruitment also understands that the sheer volume of recruitment activities that organisations employ, sometimes using many different strategies to manage selection and hiring, can also be difficult and restrictive. Gratis Recruitment is ready and able to help.

A New Result

Here at Gratis we believe that having this New Mindset in Aged Care Recruitment will ultimately provide new and improved results for the organisations we represent.

We use everyday language. ADL's (Activities of Daily Living), Standards, Best Practice, ACFI (Aged Care Funding Instrument), Accreditation.

A New Mindset

With all of this in mind Gratis wanted to provide a new way of attracting candidates, ensuring correct selection processes and retaining that right candidates. In order for Gratis to achieve this, we identified and embarked on training programs, and applied aged care recruitment methodologies to provide the right candidates for your organisation.