Why choose Gratis

We specialise in Aged Care Recruitment

Gratis Aged Care Recruitment is fast becoming a trusted name and the go-to when it comes to recruitment in the aged care industry, and there are many reasons why we are!. Recruitment is one of those demanding and potentially frustrating activities that all organisation has to deal with. The process is time-consuming and in our industry very competitive. The sheer volume of recruitment means that many different strategies are needed to manage selection and hiring.

We are here to help!

Whether you’re addressing recruitment needs or require a complete solution, a strategic recruitment capability is essential in a partner. Here at Gratis Recruitment we provide the strategic approach you need to achieve best practice.

Who can we recruit?

Gratis Recruitment is all about matching and assigning the right candidate to your organisation and we cater for all areas of Aged Care Services.


Here are some of the many positions we recruit for:

  • General Managers
  • Site Managers
  • Clinical Nurses
  • Registered Nurses
  • Enrolled Nurses (Medication endorsed)
  • Allied Health
  • ACFI Specialists
  • Lifestyle
  • Personal Care Workers (Residential and Community)
  • Hospitality Workers
  • Education & Training
  • Quality
  • Administration
  • Roster clerk
  • Customer Service

Strategy and Planning

Workforce Planning

Employment Brand Development

Reporting Strategy, Planning, and Execution

Process Assessment and Optimisation

Competency based Tools and Resources  

Job Profiling Competency Modelling
(including medication competencies)

Candidate Interview Assessments

Computer literacy assessments

Pre-Employment Programs

National Police Checks

Relevant Certificates / Degree & Qualifications

Registration checks

Service and Delivery 

Candidate Profiling

Candidate Availability

Education and Training

Reference Checks


Customised training workshops to address the right skills in Aged Care

Saving you Time

The Process

The hiring process can be very time consuming, especially the initial stages of sorting through applications. With so many people applying for the same position, it is understandable for an organisation to want to avoid this part of the process. Running your organisation is time consuming enough without having to take time away sorting through large numbers of resumes and application forms. Gratis Recruitment will resume the responsibility of filtering through and creating a shortlist of candidates for your vacant positions. Our account managers understand your organisation structure. Therefore, we will only send through people who not only are a good technical fit, but have awareness in cultural diversity.

Saving you Money

If you add up the money you would have to spend on advertising as well as HR to filter through resumes, then you will find utilising our services is actually extremely good value

Let’s break down the recruitment process:

  1. Identify need to recruit and assess job requirements
  2. Obtain approval as appropriate
  3. Review/update current job description, person specification and role analysis or develop new one for roles
  4. Determine who will act as Vacancy Owner
  5. Produce draft advertisement and further particulars, establish time line for recruitment process e.g. Shortlist by date, interview dates and determine candidate assessment methodology
  6. Send electronic copies of job description, person specification and advert to external media – Seek, Indeed etc.
  7. Candidates apply through online portal if applicable
  8. Shortlist in line with recruitment and selection guidance of organisation – Visa’s, certificates etc.
  9. Notify unsuccessful candidates
  10. Notify shortlisted candidates of interview date and times
  11. Conduct reference checks of successful candidates
  12. Make verbal offer to successful candidate – Pending organisations recruitment process (fitness checks etc.)
  13. Inform unsuccessful candidates
  14. Once informed of candidate’s success, contact candidate for induction
  15. There are at least 14 steps and thousands of dollars spent with just one vacancy.
  16. Reclaim your time and partner up with Gratis Recruitment.